Month: April 2021

bielizna termaktywna

How to choose thermoactive underwear?

Thermoactive underwear is an indispensable element in the wardrobe of every person practicing sports and physically active. Its main task is to maintain a constant body temperature and isolation from weather conditions. It also perfectly wicks moisture away and improves the comfort of doing sports, regardless of whether it is a daily training or competition. […]

adwokat prawo medyczne

Assistance of a lawyer for medical law for patients, doctors, medical staff

Assistance in the field of medical law is provided to both patients who want to claim their rights for health damage as a result of a medical malpractice or negligence, as well as doctors and medical facilities. In addition, the support of a medical lawyer may be used by other people who are employed in […]

ubrania dla dzieci

Children’s clothes

We are fashion makers for our children. As long as they are tiny, we have complete freedom of choice. As they get older, the choice of clothes for children also becomes their choice. But it depends on us what rules of choosing their wardrobe we will instill in them. Fashionable does not always mean that […]

zarządca nieruchomości

Insurance for the property manager

Currently, to become a property manager, we do not need to have any specific education or have specific certificates (although these, of course, may be desired by a potential client and contribute to increasing our prestige). If we want to deal with real estate management in Warsaw or anywhere else, we must be aware of […]

Employees from Ukraine – a cure for staff shortages

The Polish labor market has significant shortages among manual workers and people working in health care. Years of neglect of vocational education have resulted in an aging workforce and a shortage of qualified employees. Difficulties are deepened by economic emigration to Western European countries, where salaries are much higher than in Poland. Despite the increase […]


Private dental treatment

The problem of the entire Polish health care system is the under-financing, debts of medical institutions and huge queues to specialist doctors. Waiting for an appointment with a specialist for up to 5 years is a threat to the patient’s life. No wonder that Poles choose a private health service or purchase health care subscriptions. […]