Accounting office – how does it work? When deciding to start our own business, many of us fulfill the dream of working on our own account. How many times, when we got up to work, we felt frustrated with the fact that we spend practically the third part of our day working for the employer’s account. We have the opportunity to change this state of affairs by starting our own company. However, activity is not only about freedom, independence and being a boss for yourself. It is also a big duty and responsibility for which you must have the appropriate predispositions.

Especially in the case of one-person activities, where we are responsible for each area of ​​activity, we must pay special attention to topics with which we are not so familiar. After all, not every entrepreneur needs a university degree in finance. One of the biggest challenges facing a business owner is bookkeeping. However, do we really have to do this work ourselves? Not at all! It is enough for us to decide on the services of an accounting office. What is the scope of activity of accounting offices? Who should decide to use the services of an accounting office? How to choose the perfect office for yourself? What are the advantages of using the services of an accounting office?

What is the scope of services of an accounting office?

Professional accounting offices have a very wide range of services that allows you to use it in many different aspects of business. In the field of accounting services, the office can take care of keeping books of accounts and other forms of settlement, such as records of revenues and expenses, records of purchase and sales of VAT, as well as keeping a very popular book of revenues and expenses. What’s more, the professionals working in the accounting office can support us in the process of VAT recovery, rectifying potential accounting errors that we made while conducting the accounting on our own and finally help in the settlement of the tax declaration. However, this is not all that an accounting office has to offer. HR services also have a large share in the scope of services, i.e. all processes related to determining the terms of an employment contractkeeping employees’ files, keeping all documentation and transfer of salaries.

Who can use an accounting office?

Any entrepreneur can use the services of an accounting office, regardless of the legal form of their business activity. In many cases, especially when it comes to simplified accounting, the entrepreneur has the right to run his own finances. However, as mentioned before, not every entrepreneur knows about finances, therefore it is a very risky decision to decide to do the accounting by yourself. Therefore, in such a case, it is worth outsourcing financial management to professionals from the accounting office. Who else can use the help of an accounting office? In addition to companies, also private individuals who want to submit a tax declaration or have a problem with recovering tax returns from work abroad. These are usually complicated operations in which the help of an accountant may prove invaluable.

What to look for when choosing an accounting office?

There are several important factors that we should pay attention to when deciding to cooperate with an accounting office. In the past, it was necessary to have special permits and certificates issued by the Ministry of Finance to run an accounting office. Currently, there is no such need, but it is good to ask for certification, which may be a confirmation of the professionalism of the office. The experience of such an office is also important for the client. So we can ask for potential references as well as consult other clients to make sure that all services are performed on time and with due diligence. One of the most important things that we should pay attention to is having an insurance policy that protects the accounting office from the consequences of accounting errors, which can lead to unforeseen costs. This is a legal requirement, but there have been occasions when accounting offices evaded the obligation to take out a policy, so it is necessary to check this fact.

What are the advantages of using the services of an accounting office?

There are many advantages to using the services of an accounting office. First, convenience and time saving. To run finances, we need specialist, up-to-date knowledge of regulations that dynamically change throughout the year. Independent bookkeeping would require us to devote time to explore this topic to such an extent that we can be fluent in the meanders of accounting. The accounting office will perform all these operations for us with a guarantee of reliability and correctness. Another issue is the lack of responsibility for finances – by keeping the books of account ourselves, we can make mistakes that can cost us dearly. On the other hand, the accounting office is insured against such events, so even in the event of errors, the insurer will pay out appropriate compensation.