We are fashion makers for our children. As long as they are tiny, we have complete freedom of choice. As they get older, the choice of clothes for children also becomes their choice. But it depends on us what rules of choosing their wardrobe we will instill in them. Fashionable does not always mean that it is comfortable. In pursuit of trends, let’s not forget about comfort, which is what is most important. Children’s skin is delicate and requires appropriate quality clothes. Let’s choose clothes for children wisely.

Children’s clothes and seasons

We want to keep our children warm. Not only is it mental, it’s also physical. We are looking for golden advice on how to choose warm clothes for children and in how many layers should children wear. It is also important not to overheat the children, which can be dangerous to their health.

In the case of infants, remember that they cannot warm up by themselves. Their body is just shaping up, it naturally loses heat faster. The basic rule in their case is to put them one more layer than you put on each other.
Night time is also a challenge for the parent, they lose heat faster when they sleep peacefully. Therefore, clothes should be adjusted to the temperature in their bedroom.

The older the child is, the more he feels temperature like we adults do. So let’s be guided by your own sense of thermal comfort as well as observe the child (check its temperature on the neck) and react to the signals it sends us. We should also remember that the older child is very active, runs and jumps – it makes them much warmer.

Fashionable kids

Sometimes when we look at photos from our childhood, we catch our heads, which our parents dressed us in at the time. Let’s not do this to our kids. When choosing clothes for children, let’s do it wisely. Yes, to dress, not to disguise the child.
When choosing clothes for children, pay attention to their versatility. So that you can mix “tops” with “bottoms” to create new, unique sets. Let’s also take a look at the colors, a motley accessory (vest or shoes) can diversify gray, subdued colors. But let’s not exaggerate, as in all matters, let’s also try to be moderate here. Dressing a child in a motley outfit may not be a good idea. When deciding on, for example, a motley sweatshirt – let’s choose pants or a skirt in a subdued color.

Comfort and convenience

Our choice depends on their neat appearance and comfort. A button-up sweater may look nice, but if your child can’t open / unfasten buttons yet while in kindergarten, he may feel discomfort. It is also worth paying attention to the fastening in the pants. From a practical point of view, pants with an elastic band will be the most suitable.
The sensitive skin of children requires protection, choose clothes made of natural, hypoallergenic materials. It is worth choosing those materials that consist of 100% cotton. First of all, cotton fabrics do not irritate the skin and do not cause allergies, they are soft and pleasant to the skin of our children. Minky fabric is also gaining popularity – it is an extremely soft and delicate material. The microfiber is equally delicate, but also absorbent.

Where to find clothes for children?

The child grows very quickly, which requires more and more clothes. Used clothes can be an ecological and economical solution in such a situation. There are many internet portals where you can exchange children’s clothes or buy something used. Let’s look for such offers with a photo of a given product attached – thanks to this, we can initially visually assess whether a given item suits us.

If you are not an advocate of buying clothes online – go to a store, where you will also find something. Meetings (organized by moms’ associations or kindergartens), during which you can buy or replace our children’s clothes, are also becoming more and more popular. This is a great opportunity not only to refresh your child’s wardrobe, but also to talk and exchange opinions.

It is also worth paying attention to the quality of children’s clothes. At some point, the child does not grow so quickly and theoretically, the clothes can be used for a longer period of time. However, a different kind of challenge arises. Namely, such a child goes to school, is physically active, and therefore quickly wipes clothes. Poor quality clothes will be more prone to cracking, ripping, abrasion – in a word, to damage more quickly.

We are the first designers of children’s clothes. We make sure that they are warm (but not too warm!), That they can go wild on the playground or kindergarten, but also that they look neat and nice. We, as parents, instill in them a sense of taste and taste. With such a large selection of children’s clothes on the market, we have almost unlimited access to them. Let’s be aware that in addition to choosing a pattern, print, cut – we can also choose the type of fabric from which a given garment is made. Let’s do shopping wisely, let’s also take care of ecological issues. After all, apart from the fact that we want our children to feel well in their clothes and look nice – we also want them to pay attention to the issues of caring for the natural environment from an early age.