Compact and powerful laptop Apple MacBook Air 13-inch 128GB MQD32ZE/A. With the introduction of the Apple M1, the thinnest and lightest laptop has been completely transformed. CPU and graphics are now faster. The Apple MacBook Air 13-inch 128GB MQD32ZE / A laptop lasts longer on a single charge than previous models (standby time up to 30 days). It works quietly without making any unwanted sounds. Important! Power has never been so compact. The laptop is aesthetically pleasing as it has a glossy screen finish, plus it provides sharp, vivid colors and great contrast. These types of coated screens allow you to enjoy excellent viewing of movies and multimedia.

Apple MacBook Air Laptop 13-inch 128GB MQD32ZE/A

The thin and light metal casing allows you to combine amazing things: a powerful computer that is fit for work, also serving as a fashionable accessory emphasizing your personality and style. A comfortable high-resolution display – 13.3 inches (1440 x 900) and advanced LED technology make the MacBook Air 13-inch laptop truly Apple’s most versatile product with a very long battery life (54 Wh capacity). Provides a detailed, vivid image in any light. The 128 GB SSD drive not only saves energy, but is also resistant to possible mechanical damage. It is a very practical device.

Perfect performance for any task is the Apple MacBook Air 13-inch laptop

The powerful Intel Core i5 processor makes the laptop suitable for a wide range of tasks, work, study, surfing the Internet and play. The Apple laptop is great for running demanding video programs, Photoshop photos, and watching high-definition movies. A large amount of RAM – 8 GB – will allow you to work without slowdowns with several programs at the same time now and in the future. Everything is great with SSD. The Intel Core i5 processor has been found to be an excellent option for multimedia devices and business laptops. This version with 2 cores and 4 threads is equipped with a massaged HD graphics chip and Turbo Boost mode, which increases the tactical frequency of the processor. Efficient system operation is ideal for processing movies and photos, playing 2D and 3D games as well as playing HD movies.

Wireless connections

The 13-inch Apple MacBook Air Laptop comes with the fastest 802.11ac Wi-Fi that supports the most popular communication standards. You can connect to the network in places with access points and wirelessly exchange data with others at a speed of up to 6.77 Gb / s. public Wi-Fi hotspots. Free Wi-Fi is available in many places, such as train stations, airports, shopping malls and cafes.

Camera and microphone, keyboard

Apple MacBook Air 13-inch laptop comes with a built-in dual microphone that allows you to get powerful voice sound during FaceTime, Skype, Facebook video calls. The FaceTime HD camera captures clear 720p video so you can be amazed by the great pictures.