The Polish labor market has significant shortages among manual workers and people working in health care. Years of neglect of vocational education have resulted in an aging workforce and a shortage of qualified employees. Difficulties are deepened by economic emigration to Western European countries, where salaries are much higher than in Poland. Despite the increase in wages in recent years, improved conditions, modernization of jobs, regular training, better social packages, including private medical care, Poles still choose to work abroad. The resulting staff shortages are saved by workers from beyond the eastern border, most often of Ukrainian and Belarusian origin.

Job advertisements for Ukrainians

pracownicy z UkrainyPolish workers increasingly have problems with finding employees for physical positions – directly related to production. The wage requirements of Polish workers are increasing as wages and living costs are rising. The social benefits that families have been entitled to since 2016 are not without significance. Employers who have problems with finding employees decide to hire employees from Ukraine. Specialized employment agencies recruit them and take care of all the formalities. The employer reports the demand, determines what positions he needs employees for, minimum requirements and working conditions. Intermediary companies issue advertisements about the need for workers from Ukraine.

Profitable work in Poland

Poles complain about low wages. They compare their salaries with the Czechs, Germans and French. Compared to the EU average, Polish payouts are very low. However, there are countries where the lowest Polish salary is the pinnacle of dreams. In Ukraine, the average salary is twice as low as the minimum wage in Poland. For a Ukrainian, working in Poland means the opportunity to earn extra money, send money to his family and improve the life of his relatives in Ukraine. Employees from Ukraine work in Poland for six months and for their salary they are able to stay in Poland and send money to their families in their homeland. Intermediary companies arrange an apartment where several people live and employment.For many employees from Ukraine, work in Poland is only a stop on the way to employment in Germany or the Czech Republic and serves to gain professional experience in a country of the European Union.

Demand for workers from Ukraine

The labor market abhors a vacuum. Since Poland lacks professional hands, the market absorbs foreigners. In many large production companies, employees from Ukraine constitute up to 40% of the workforce employed in production positions. Employees from Ukraine have their own coordinator who is a liaison between the employer and the Ukrainian staff and helps in resolving conflict situations. In a situation where a local employee is dismissed or voluntarily terminated, the entrepreneur prefers to hire an employee from Ukraine, because they do not expect social packages, private medical care, holidays under the pear tree and other benefits. They work for a basic salary and of course, according to the Labor Code, they have allowances for night work.

Employees from Ukraine treat their work as task-oriented – they perform the assigned duties.They establish minimal, but usually positive contacts with the Polish team, only those that make their work easier. The greatest demand for Ukrainian workers occurs in the construction, agriculture and production industries. More and more often, medical workers of Ukrainian origin are employed, whose qualifications are highly appreciated by the directors of medical institutions. Ukrainians are welcome in Poland because they easily adapt to working conditions and communicate with their Polish colleagues. They do not cause conflicts. Employers are satisfied with their work and after 6 months of work of employees from Ukraine, they are very happy to hire another group. Sometimes they report a need for specific people for the following months and help in obtaining a work permit, which entitles them to work in Poland for two years.The work of employees from Ukraine is appreciated by employers in Poland. They complement the local labor market and save the human resources situation in many industries.

Labor market analysts and economists believe that employment of workers from Ukraine will increase if Ukrainians want to work in our country. The economic situation in Ukraine is still very difficult. For many local families, work in Poland is the most important source of income and enables a decent life. Employers in Ukraine cannot offer decent salaries, corruption and various difficulties in running a business are omnipresent. Poland is a neighboring country to Ukraine, a member of the European Union with a stable market and economic growth. A trip to Poland is profitable due to geographic proximity and linguistic similarity. Many people from Ukraine have families in Poland, which makes it much easier to look for a job.