Transcription – text rewriting services require certain personality and content-related predispositions. Not everyone who finds they enjoy typing and typing fast can be a transcriber. A passion for writing is a very important quality of a person who is professionally rewriting. Must have touch, fast and error-free typing skills.

Professional requirements for a transcriber

The transcriptionist must keep all data obtained confidential. The most important thing is to know the rules of the correct Polish language (grammatical and stylistic rules, rules of text organization of particular writing and journalistic genres) and the ability to efficiently use text editors, e.g. Microsoft Office, OpenOffice or LibreOffice. Transcription requires orientation in current social, political, sporting and cultural events. It happens that the recording is not of the highest quality or is distorted, the knowledge of current events and broad general knowledge allow the transcriber to identify the missing link and complete the transcription.  There are distorted names, names of places, monuments, institutions, which may be caused, for example, by a speech defect of the speaking person in the recording or a wrong pronunciation of foreign names. In the transcription, everything must be perfect, there can be no substantive or linguistic errors. The transcriber has to touch the keyboard perfectly and quickly. The key to success in this job is to transcribe an hour-long recording to a text file as quickly as possible.

Patience and diligence – the basic characteristics of a transcriber

Work involving the exercise of transcription involves transcribing recorded pre-listening to a text file and requires the ability to focus attention. As in every job, also in this industry, reliability and punctuality are required. The transcriber has to listen to the recording, feel its atmosphere and put everything he hears on paper. There are fragments of lower quality recordings and therefore the rewriter must be conscientious, ambitious, goal-oriented and careful to deal with such moments. When it is not known what fragment of the recording the client will consider the most important. You have to keep the meaning of the whole and sometimes mark a place as unclear. Word combining and guessing is not recommended in this case.

Time is of the essence

Transcription is work under stress and on time. For each client, the time needed to complete the order is important because he needs the text to be used. The average time to perform a transcription is 72 hours from the time the client submits the order. Transcribing a recording into a written text is a tedious task stretched over time – sometimes you have to go back to a certain point. Calmness and the ability to work with the listened text are required.

Owning a business

Owning a company is of great importance in the transcribing industry – it allows you to issue invoices. This is a good omen for the client – he has more confidence that the person doing the transcriptionapproaches his work professionally, which increases the trust between the parties. A person running a company usually has more experience than someone who accepts orders occasionally. He focuses on timely and conscientious execution of the order. When choosing a transcriber, customer opinions are very important – you can write anything in your CV, while the opinions of satisfied customers cannot be faked.

No advertisement has such an impact on the market as the opinion of customers – people who have used the services of a given company. The opinion of a satisfied customer means that other people, that the contractor has fulfilled his obligations well, the quality of the order is the highest. Social media are an irreplaceable source of information about a conveyor – from which you can learn about a person’s work, clients and passions after working hours.Usually, after viewing profiles on social media, the client already knows if he wants to order a job from a given person. Working in this industry can be fun – the transcriber is constantly learning something new and has the opportunity to broaden his interests every day. In a wordtranscription is a pleasant stable job for a calm, composed and very accurate person. If someone is looking for a business idea and is passionate about working on texts, then he should try his hand at transcription. Work that we like and we feel good in it means that the effectiveness is higher and it is easier to make rational decisions. Certainly, running a business in the text transcription industry requires a lot of work and a good approach to the client.

The advantage of working on transcription is that you can do it at home, and you don’t need to spend too much money to open such a business. Another way to work in this profession is to work with a company that offers transcription services as an employee or associate. Such work is unlikely to be performed as additional orders in your spare time.