How often should you use the ozonation service and what exactly is it? Ozone treatment of rooms in Warsaw is something that is on top in the era of the coronavirus. Although it is not surprising, the service itself has been around for many years and is very popular in its niches. But now it has just entered the so-called “mainstream” and has become the object of interest of everyone who appreciates their health and wants to take care of it properly. 

This post will briefly describe what it is all about, and above all how often it is worth reaching for it so that it brings the intended results and actually has the best impact on the health and comfort of life of people who choose it.

What is ozonation and what does it look like in practice?

Ozone treatment of offices in Warsaw is a service in which a professional company sprays ozone in the room indicated by the client. It does not do it for the purpose. The goal should be sought in the extraordinary properties of ozone, also known as active oxygen. Although it is toxic to humans when inhaled directly and can lead to serious health problems, it can be beneficial in contact with surfaces. It is known for the fact that it is able to completely destroy fungi, molds, but also bacteria and viruses (this is the most valued nowadays and this is what contributes to its current popularity) and all kinds of mites and allergens. Due to all this, ozonation of schools in Warsaw, but also all other facilities – not only public utilities – are currently attracting so much attention.

The ozone treatment of rooms in the center of Warsaw is very simple to understand. At the very beginning, you need to properly prepare them, and therefore, first of all, uncover all places where ozone should get (for example, by opening cabinets and wardrobes or unfolding the bed) and clean. The company that will carry out the service in the target room will place a special device in it, called an ozone generator (or more professionally – an ozonator). Although it works fully automatically, it must be properly configured, taking into account the specificity of a specific room.

Ozonation in the center of Warsaw takes at least a few hours (even eight if you are dealing with a room with a fairly large area), while it is impossible to enter during it. It is also worth bearing in mind that the rooms cannot be used directly after it – you should wait for the ozone to completely evaporate from their area. This process can be easily supported, for example by opening the windows and making a draft. However, you always have to do it with a special mask (or with an apnea).

How often is it worth using the ozonation service?

Ozone treatment of an apartment in Bemowo is quite a specific service. On the one hand, it gets rid of everything that was mentioned in the previous part of the article – fungi, molds, bacteria, viruses and others. On the other hand, it does not touch their source. There is no such possibility, because in most cases it is simply a human being. It is precisely because of this that the effect is only temporary after ozonation. Eventually, all previous “ailments” of a particular space return, usually in exactly the same form. This will not change, although it can be counteracted.

Due to this specificity of the entire service, ozonation of an apartment in Ochota and other districts of Warsaw, but also completely outside of it, should be repeated regularly – so that its effects last all the time and simply do not come back. While there is no golden mean and the pace at which subsequent ozonations should be performed, there are two approaches here:

  • ozonation every month / two / three – in this situation, regardless of the condition of the room, ozonation is performed. Even if it were to be purely preventive;
  • reaction ozonation, in which the ozonation of an apartment in Warsaw is started only when there are clear reasons to do so (for example, a fungus will return to the walls and the number of mites in the room will start to be disturbing).

Everyone who has ever used ozone treatment in Warsaw recommends doing it with high regularity. It is then that you feel the most all the positive effects that accompany it, and which have a significant impact on the health and comfort of staying in the room subjected to ozonation.


Ozone treatment has been considered by Warsaw as a standard for some time when it comes to city cleanliness and its freedom from bacteria and viruses. By being a private individual, you can feel even more of its benefits – provided it is done with the greatest possible regularity. That is why it is worth having a plan for it, and above all, be familiar with the packages offered by companies. These very often make the service cheaper if you use several consecutive “treatments” instead of just one.