Thermoactive underwear is an indispensable element in the wardrobe of every person practicing sports and physically active. Its main task is to maintain a constant body temperature and isolation from weather conditions. It also perfectly wicks moisture away and improves the comfort of doing sports, regardless of whether it is a daily training or competition.

Do thermoactive and thermal underwear mean the same?

The words “thermoactive” and “thermal” are used interchangeably, although they do not necessarily mean the same thing. Thermal clothing is understood as a broader group of products than the thermo-active one. Thermal underwear is designed to protect against the cold and help maintain an optimal temperature. However, it does not provide ventilation and does not drain moisture, because its main goal is to protect against frost, rain and wind at all costs. Therefore, it is not a type of clothing intended for outdoor sports. And these are the properties of thermo-active underwear, which at the same time insulates very well from cold and all external factors and provides excellent ventilation and drains moisture. Therefore, it is recommended for athletes and is perfect for any type of physical activity.

Types of thermoactive underwear

Thermoactive underwear is divided into women’s and men’s underwear. A more detailed division concerns the sports disciplines for which a given type of underwear is best suited. Thermoactive underwear for running must be the best fit and resistant to weather conditions. In addition, it should definitely be very flexible. The best idea is to complete a running set that allows you to wear a “onion”, which means that it can be used all year round.

On the other hand, underwear for cycling is very similar to that intended for runners. It is recommended to choose a tight fitting outfit that cannot float or roll up due to the rush of air. In addition, it is good to wear shorts or pants with a special insert that protects against abrasion from the saddle, while the task of ski underwear is the best possible thermal protection and drainage of moisture from the skin. In this case, underwear made of merino wool is recommended, which warms but does not overheat and perfectly gets rid of excess moisture. For this, it is worth using underpants.

Yet another type of underwear will be used, for example, in a gym, as the conditions are different here than outside. Therefore, underwear should be lighter and thinner, made of plastic, both durable and flexible. In the case of team sports – basketball, volleyball or football, thermo-active shorts with a comfortable cut and light and flowing material are recommended. Here you cannot use underwear that would restrict vigorous jumping, swinging hands and any such actions

Moreover, for each sport discipline it is recommended to use thermo-active underwear with pads, most often for the knees or elbows. Thanks to this solution, the most vulnerable areas of the body will be protected.

The choice of thermoactive underwear in terms of its composition

Underwear and thermoactive clothing are mostly made of artificial fabrics, but this is not necessarily the case. And so, for example, clothing made of cotton will be perfect for everyday use or for occasional sports activities in an amateur manner. Cotton and linen are airy and pleasant to the touch fabrics, but they are not flexible. They also do not have very good thermal insulation properties and poorly drain moisture. On the other hand, clothing made of artificial fabrics, i.e. polyamide with elastane, is less breathable, but has great thermal insulation properties. Therefore, artificial fabrics are flexible, smooth, well-fitting, but also breathable and perfectly transport moisture away from the skin.

How to wear and wash thermoactive underwear and how to choose its size?

When buying underwear, both thermoactive and regular, you should first of all be guided by the comfort of its use. It should adhere to the body as well as possible, but at the same time should not be too oppressive. Therefore, it is recommended to reach for the size that is used every day, and not the underestimated size, even when a slimming treatment is carried out. It is important, for example, not to change the size of underwear when starting a diet, although it may seem that when we lose a kilogram or two, we should already have a smaller size. Exercising in tight underwear can be very uncomfortable and simply tiring. Thermoactive underwear is helpful when using exercises that shape the figure. It warms the body and at the same time positively influences the acceleration of fat burning.
As for the washing of thermoactive underwear, it is carried out in the same way as normal clothing. Of course, it is best to follow the instructions on the label, but the temperature should not exceed 30 degrees.