Nail styling – how to start? In recent years, elegant and stylized nails have become the hallmark of a well-groomed and fulfilled woman. No wonder that in response to the needs of the market, more and more people decide to deal with nail styling not only as a hobby, but also turn it into a permanent source of income. What do you need to think about before we seriously deal with nail styling? The following text will surely answer most of the most frequently asked questions and doubts.

Training and courses

Even if decorating nails comes naturally and easily, it is worth investing in training courses and manicure courses. During the basic training, you learn about working methods as well as issues such as occupational hygiene, tools and positions. We will also obtain useful information about the accessories needed for effective work and the proper course of the procedure. On the other hand, the subject of the physiology of the nail or the structure of the plate will allow to recognize the most common nail diseases and methods of their treatment and prevention.

It is worth starting with the basic training, but it does not mean that this will be the last training in the career of a manicurist. It is worth continuing to train, not only because the fashion and methods are constantly changing, but also because each course offers interesting facts that will make your work more enjoyable or more effective. In this industry, as in others, whoever stands still, he withdraws. Although good training for nail stylists is not cheap, it is worth investing in them, because they are costs that will surely pay off.

Adequate equipment

While in the case of a hobby manicure, cheap tools and a small number of them were often enough, in business appropriate equipment is almost as important as knowledge. It is worth noting here that although high-quality equipment has its price, it significantly affects the quality of the services offered. This can translate into the number of clients and, as a result, into earnings. It is not worth saving on half measures – after all, a satisfied customer is the best advertisement, and in this type of business, word of mouth marketing is invaluable.

Currently, there are many “starter packs” for beginner manicurists on the market, but when you think about business seriously, most similar kits will be completely insufficient, even if they bear the name of a good brand of products. It is easiest to acquire basic knowledge about the necessary equipment during training, but if for some reason it turned out to be insufficient, it is worth consulting consultants of a given brand. It is often the case that a specific company producing, for example, hybrid varnishes, works with a brand producing lamps or a tool company.

The most important tools for this business should certainly include:
– UV lamp – for gel and hybrid curing. The stronger it is, the shorter the time the hand has to spend in the lamp,
– milling machine – manual sawing works only for a small amount of work. As you acquire new customers, the milling machine will turn out to be indispensable – it will save effort and time,
– cleaner and acetone dispensers – convenient and saving time that was previously spent on constantly unscrewing and closing the bottle,
– cuticle nippers, knurling wheels – these are reusable items, so it is worth investing in better equipment that will last for longer. Due to its multiple use, you should not forget about proper washing and sterilization. The sterilizer may seem too expensive to start with, so if we do not decide to buy it, it is worth to chemically sterilize the tools or use the services of a sterilization room,
– a wide range of colored accessories – the more choice we offer our clients in terms of choosing colors, the more sure they will be satisfied from the service; at the same time, it is worth focusing on one company – the same parameters of varnishes will prevent mistakes during styling.

Stationary or mobile?

This is a very important question. At first, few nail stylists decide to rent and equip their own salon. Some novice stylists establish cooperation with hairdressing or beauty salons, but those ladies who want to work on their own from the beginning must decide whether they will receive clients at their own home or whether they will perform the service at the clients’ home. It is worth considering the pros and cons. Living in your own home means arranging a room, or at least a part of it, in which we will work. With small children and limited space, this can be troublesome. On the other hand, you never know what conditions the client will have and whether working in them will be safe and comfortable.

The nail styling service is now a highly desirable, but also fashionable profession, which is why competition among stylists is considerable. Hence, the experience and skills of a stylist are so important, as well as knowledge of new products that will attract new clients.