After buying a new device, practically all of us asked ourselves how to effectively protect the screen? There are many possibilities, one of them is the purchase of a protective foil. It is also worth considering what to protect the screen of our phone or tablet against in particular.

Protective film as protection at an affordable price

Protective foilis a very thin, transparent and flexible material that should be stuck on the display of the device. The most important advantage of a protective film is their low price, each of us can afford this type of protection. We can buy the foil at any point with telephone accessories or, for example, via the Internet. We can buy foils available on the market for literally a few zlotys, so it is an unnoticeable expense, which makes this protection the most frequently chosen form of protection for phones. The downside of the protective film, however, is that, although it is thin, it affects the sensitivity of the screen.

When choosing a protective film, pay attention to its adjustment to our screen on the phone and the shape of the cut. In some cases, foils dedicated to a given phone model will not adhere perfectly,and therefore will not guarantee adequate protection of the entire surface of the display. Sometimes a bad foil may also cover the button or the loudspeaker on the phone. There are known situations where the films of renowned manufacturers change the saturation and colors of the display, which may make the use of the phone difficult. An important feature that may cause difficulties in using the device is also the reduction of the viewing angles. This problem especially affects people who use telephones outside buildings in intense sunlight. In order to be sure that the foil purchased by us meets all its obligations, it must be purchased from a reliable seller. It is also good to read the ratings about the product before buying. Sometimes a bad foil may also cover the button or the loudspeaker on the phone.

The essence of the precision of mounting the protective film on the phone

Before choosing a protective film, we should get acquainted with the method of sticking it. At the very beginning, we need to thoroughly clean the screen on which we will put the foil. There must be no dust particles left on it. Even small debris can cause bubbles to appear under the foil. The bubbles under the foil not only look unattractive, but can also make it difficult to use the smartphone by touch.

In what cases is it worth choosing foil?

If the smartphone already has a good factory protection, such as Gorilla Glass, then there is no need to put tempered glass on it. In this case, all you need to do is install a protective film on the phone. Then the foil will fulfill its function as additional protection of the display. It is worth choosing a protective foil , also when we do not have enough funds to buy tempered glass. It’s a good idea to choose a protective film rather than forgoing any protection for your phone.

Do protective films affect the sensitivity of the screen?

Unfortunately, yes, the protective films affect the sensitivity of the display on the phone. Even if the display protection is very thin, it nevertheless increases the distance between our finger and the screen. If we choose a thicker display protection, we must take into account that the screen will be less sensitive to touch. So using the device may be a bit difficult. The good news is that new devices are increasingly using screens that can be used even with gloves on. For this reason, such a protection as a protective film will not actually affect the use of the phone in any way. Cheaper models of protective foilmay affect the performance of the device due to the fact that they may be improperly designed. For example, inadequately produced protective films may have inadequate cutouts for sensors, a camera, the screen may not be blanked during connections.

Other problems may be not responding or clicking somewhere else than we actually did. So let’s choose slightly more expensive, better-designed solutions. Good quality foil will ensure comfortable use of the phone and protect our display. It is worth spending a few zlotys rather than buying an expensive new display in the event of a fall or a scratch of the phone. Some foils can also be applied to the back and sides of the device. As a result, they act as a kind of phone covers, protecting it against falls and scratches. The big advantage of protective films,is that they are virtually invisible, so they do not change the appearance of the device, and can effectively protect it.

Advantages and disadvantages of a protective film

Disadvantages of the phone protective film:

      • they can leave fingerprints on it,
      • it’s not very durable,
      • it’s hard to put on
      • may reduce the viewing angle.

Advantages of the phone protective film:

    • protection against scratches,
    • low price,
    • less damage to the display in the event of a fall of the phone,
    • cheap foil replacement.