The owners of single-family houses, unlike people living in blocks of flats, can choose a heating system. Our decision is influenced by many different factors, such as the budget, the availability of various fuels and whether we want ecological solutions. The method of heating must be determined at the design stage of the house. Recuperation and heat pumps are one of the most popular variants. Traditional oil boilers are no longer an attractive choice.

Instead of deciding to buy a device powered by ordinary heating oil or liquid gas, it is worth considering the choice of a heat pump. We should be encouraged to do so by the remarkable energy efficiency of such an installation. It uses electricity as power, to which we all have access. There is no need to buy gas cylinders or other heating materials. The combination of recuperation and heat pump can further reduce the costs we incur related to heating the house. For example, heat pumps using vertical exchangers are a good choice. The cost of the necessary vertical drilling on our plot will certainly pay off in the long run. Falling prices of this type of technology are a significant incentive to buy a heat pump. It is now much more affordable.

Why is it worth investing in this type of installation?

It is a solution that can serve us for many years. It is difficult to find a device on the market that could effectively replace a heat pump. Its biggest advantage is the reduced heating bills. It is worth investing in underfloor heating and paying attention to the COP coefficient of the pump we choose. An interesting solution is also the use of two different electricity tariffs. It is a day and night variant. The higher the energy consumption will be per night tariff, the more money we will save. If we have a sufficiently large budget, it is also worth choosing a heating water buffer that will circulate in the floor heating. All these solutions will allow us to effectively reduce our costs. We don’t have to deal with this ourselves, of course.A much better method is to use the services of an experienced designer. He should be able to choose the optimal heating installation for our home.

What, apart from the selection of the heating device, is of great importance for the efficiency of the entire installation?

Above all, we must be serious about the development of our heating installation. When deciding on recuperation and heat pumps, you need to precisely define the heat demand of your home. Otherwise, we will not be able to choose the optimal heating device. It cannot supply too little heat, as such equipment will simply be a defective solution for a given building. On the other hand, if the installation generates too much heat, it will be wasted. Thus, we will be wasting our money on heating, which we are not able to use effectively. Improperly selected recuperation and heat pump after the first winter will turn out to be highly disappointing. For 1 m 2at least 50 W will be needed, assuming the presence of underfloor heating, airtight windows and proper insulation of the whole house. In addition, sufficient energy must be allocated to DHW heating. Much depends on the number of household members.

Is it worth equipping yourself with additional heat sources besides the heat pump?

The combination of recuperation and heat pump should fully meet our needs. If we have additional funds, we can invest, for example, in a fireplace with a water jacket. With its help, it will be much easier for us to heat heating and utility water. Due to the presence of appropriate automation, the heat pump will be automatically turned off when it detects that there is a fire in the fireplace. When it stops burning during the night, the system detects it and starts the heat pump. Using a fireplace will not always be profitable. It all depends on the temperatures in a given heating season. First of all, it is necessary to compare the costs of energy consumed by the heat pump with the costs of purchasing wood for the fireplace. With its help, we can additionally protect ourselves in the event of extremely cold winter or failure of the heat pump.

Much recuperation for our heating system

Recuperation and heat pump are perfect air, as both have different functions. Pumps are used to heat our apartment, and recuperation is nothing more than mechanical ventilation with heat recovery. Contrary to traditional gravity ventilation, it will not cool down our home. It works with a device called a recuperator. It not only controls the movement of air, but also allows you to recover heat from it. An efficiently operating ventilation system is as important as the choice of a heating system. Thanks to recuperation, we can further reduce heating costs. Depending on the season, we can use a winter or summer insert in our recuperator.