For many, building your own home is the culmination of dreams and desires that they pursue throughout their lives. While this requires a lot of time and money, many young and old people take up this challenge regardless of the cost. However, it should be remembered that a careless approach to the subject can end up very badly, and we will be left without our own account and with a very large loan. However, this article is not intended to discourage anyone from building a house, but only to draw attention to elements that should be known and should be remembered before starting to make your dreams come true. This will allow you to avoid the mistakes that most often occur during this type of investment.

Decalogue of construction

The key element, without which the construction will not start, is an appropriate building plot on which the investment will be built. The most important thing is that we know the legal status of the plot, which is in the land and mortgage register, it is a guarantee as to whether we can buy it and build on it. It is worth checking if there is no mortgage in this area and what the spatial development plan looks like. On the basis of this document, you will also check what structures may be built in the near future around your house, what type of structures you can build and whether large investments in this area are planned. On the basis of these documents, you will be able to adjust the house design so that it does not in any way conflict with the zoning provisions.

This is very important,because it will save us from problems and the need to interfere with the structure of the house after its construction. The next important element is the size of the plot on which the house can be built. Minimum up to 450 m2, the width should not be less than 14 m, moreover, the house cannot be located less than 4 m from the border with the neighboring plot. Of course, this distance depends on whether or not the Border Wall will have window openings, and it may vary depending on the zoning plans and other overriding regulations.Of course, this distance depends on whether or not the Border Wall will have window openings, and it may vary depending on the zoning plans and other overriding regulations.Of course, this distance depends on whether or not the Border Wall will have window openings and may vary depending on the development plans and other overriding regulations.

Check what neighbors you have

Another element that should be taken care of is the proper analysis of the plot’s surroundings and checking the infrastructure and access. We should take care of it and check if there are no large industrial facilities, sewage treatment plants, sorting plants in our area, which are not only a source of noise, but also an unpleasant smell. It is also important that we have fairly good access to the property, which is especially important in the case of construction and the need to deliver many elements. Difficulties will also be felt when we live in such a house, because access will be difficult. It is worth finding out if such roads are planned and what the status of public transport in the area looks like and where the nearest bus stop is located. This is especially important for children, so that they can travel to school or other cultural places.

In addition, if there are non-fruit trees on your plot, you must reckon with the fact that if they interfere with the design of the house, it is necessary to obtain the necessary permits to remove them.This takes time and can lead to project delays. Moreover, the project must be adapted to the terrain and its appearance so that it fits perfectly into the landscape and does not stand out too much. When we have solved the problems with documentation and planning, it’s time to talk about the construction team and the execution itself. If we decide to order a team that will do all the work from start to finish without involving us in any activities. They will buy the necessary amount of material and everything that is needed, and we will not have to worry about anything. However, this method is much more expensive and although it does not require our attention, it is worth choosing the economic method if we want to save money. Here we buy materials and help with the work, we employ various specialists,however, it takes a lot of time and attention. Moreover, such a construction very often stretches in time and costs us a bit more patience.

Permits are essential

It is also very important that we should get all the elements related to the documentation of the construction itself and the necessary permits that entitle us to start work. Most of them will be obtained at the Municipal Office, where in order to obtain them, you need the necessary applications and documents. To such an application, we must attach at least four copies of the construction project, a certificate of the right to dispose of a specific property, a certificate of connection of the necessary utilities, including water and sewage as well as electricity and gas, the necessary declaration of the road administrator to connect the plot with a public road and all necessary opinions geotechnical.

Only after the preparation of such documentation and submission of the application and its positive consideration can the construction of the house begin. One of the most important elements that we should remember, however, is the fact that we should dispel all doubts with specialists who will advise us when we are not sure about a certain issue. It is important because it will protect us from mistakes caused by ignorance. Building houses is nothing terrible and you just need to approach it professionally and everything will go as it should.