Therapeutic pedicure – what do you need to know about it? Beauty salons offer various types of treatments for nails and feet, including specialist ones, such as therapeutic pedicure. It is the most effective way to fight ingrown toenails, giving relief and combating unpleasant ailments. It will also work well as a method for deformed feet, painful corns and cracked heels. Who is it recommended for? What is it about? What effects does it give? 

What is a therapeutic pedicure?

It is a treatment and care for the feet, also known as a podiatry or specialist pedicure. This method allows you to avoid skin or nail diseases that may appear in the future. In addition, it helps to detect and remove pathological changes on the lower limbs. Before starting a therapeutic pedicure, a podiatrist conducts an interview with the patient during which he or she determines the general state of his health, obtains information about past diseases of the legs, and then makes a diagnosis of current ailments.<

Therapeutic pedicure is a care treatment which:

  • Nourishes the skin of the feet,
  • Develops nails,
  • It smoothes the epidermis.

This is a great solution for people who have problems with:

  • Calluses,
  • Fingerprints,
  • Cracked heels.

It is distinguished by the use of appropriate preparations, extensive knowledge of the podiatrist regarding foot diseases and full sterilization of tools. After the treatment, the foot is smooth and free of any calluses. Within the feet, blood circulation is stimulated and the patient is relaxed.

How to prepare for a therapeutic pedicure? 

When going to a beauty salon, before the treatment pedicure treatment, make sure that your feet are clean and dry. Also, you cannot paint your nails as this would make a preliminary diagnosis prior to treatment difficult.

Therapeutic pedicure – for whom? 

Anyone who wants to have smooth, well-groomed and healthy feet can use it. It is recommended when the patient wants to get rid of problems with the nails, skin of the feet or keep the foot in a satisfactory condition. It is especially worth using it:

  1. Diabetics who have delicate and vulnerable skin. They require proper care with the use of a diabetic pedicure.
  2. Women walking in high heels or too tight shoes. Long-lasting pressure of the skin causes it to die and grow. As a result of friction and excessive heat, a horn plug forms, pressing against the skin. Then, calluses, corns and corns are formed.
  3. Older people / seniors whose skin on the feet becomes softer, dry and flabby. In addition, the thickness of the nails changes – it is influenced by age and problems with proper care and cutting.
  4. People with psoriasis, overweight, circulatory disorders – very often suffer from poor skin condition of the feet.
  5. Athletes – are exposed to corns and abrasions due to friction and excessive heat.

What is a therapeutic pedicure treatment? 

Therapeutic pedicure usually consists of the following stages:

  1. Preparation of nails. During the first visit, a detailed interview is conducted in order to get to know the patient. He then takes off his shoes and socks and sits comfortably in the professional adjustable armchair so he can relax. The skin on the feet is disinfected and cleansed using specialized agents. The epidermis is softened with a spray or gel containing urea or medicinal sage. The nails are shortened with nippers and cut with a cutter. On the other hand, the nail shafts are cleaned of unnecessary calluses and impurities.
  2. Treatment of the feet, where the excess dead skin is removed with a scalpel. It’s completely painless. The leather does not heat up and does not grow too quickly, as in the case of excessive milling or the use of a pumice stone and graters. The preparation also consists in removing cracks or excessive calluses. Occurring calluses and corns are also removed with a scalpel and a chisel that smoothes the surface of the skin on the feet. The milling machine is used to gently smooth the epidermis.
  3. Nutritional and vitamin peeling, with goji berries or shea butter, and a massage that follows the treatment of the feet. The peeling is massaged in with circular movements, removing the dead skin cells. Massage, on the other hand, stimulates blood circulation, which translates into relaxation and calming the patient’s body, and the skin on the lower limbs becomes smooth and moisturized at the same time. At the end, an appropriate cosmetic is applied, among others. a thick layer of lipid cream that must remain on the feet for a few minutes until absorbed. It not only moisturizes but nourishes the skin.

Therapeutic pedicure – effects

The effects are visible right after the treatment. The pain that occurs with corns, cracked heels and ingrown toenails is minimized, and very often eliminated. Therapeutic pedicure gives relief to the feet. It is important to know that the very damaged and neglected ones require more than one treatment. Hence, the most important is the systematic care of the lower limbs using appropriate home preparations or recommended by a specialist in a beauty salon.