Nowadays, many parents are wondering how to choose bedding for a child. First of all, it should be made of high-quality materials, have parameters that correspond to the size of the crib. The process of purchasing children’s bedding should begin with the selection of material.

Choosing the material from which the baby bedding should be sewn

Currently, fabrics for baby bedding are made of a variety of yarns. The composition and method of weaving the fabric will determine all the properties of the material, and therefore the set of bedding made of it. The most popular material options that can be used in the manufacture of fabrics for children’s bedding:


Cotton bedding has many advantages: it is hypoallergenic, cools well in the hot season, does not slip, does not stick to the body and is very soft to the touch. An important plus is that it can be used at any time of the year.


This is a great material for the entire season. It maintains the optimal thermal level at any time of the year, so that the child will not sweat while sleeping. Linen fabric is durable, perfectly absorbs moisture. But there is one serious drawback: it is rough on the baby’s skin, so parents rarely decide to buy such bedding for children.


This is a new material whose advantages have already been appreciated by many parents. It has many useful properties: it absorbs moisture well, it is well ventilated, it has antimicrobial properties and, moreover, it is very soft. Bamboo fabric has only one disadvantage, i.e. high price.

Popular fabrics for baby bedding


Cotton fabric, characterized by a low price. Linen can be used constantly. However, it is worth noting the disadvantages of the fabric, i.e. low wear resistance, fast fading. This is due to the low weaving density.


This material is used for the production of bed linen. The advantages of coarse calico include: durability, wear resistance and breathability. An important advantage of this fabric is its low price, which is explained by a simpler production process compared to satin. However, there is a small minus, coarse calico can fade after washing, so it is better to wash it in a gentle mode.


Light cotton fabric. An important advantage is its high strength (many experts note that it can withstand more than 250 washes). Satin is smooth, pleasant to the touch, does not irritate the delicate skin of a child and does not cause allergic reactions. Satin absorbs moisture very well.

Ranfors from cotton yarn

This material is made of high-quality cotton thread. Due to the dense diagonal weaving, it is very durable, but at the same time thin and light. It’s great for summer, but it’s better not to use it in winter. This natural fabric is hypoallergenic, absorbs moisture well and is breathable. Ranfors is very easy to clean, machine washable and easy to iron.


100% cotton poplin is often used for sewing bed linen. However, this fabric can be made of silk or woolen fibers. Children’s bedding made of poplin is smooth and soft, perfectly retains heat and absorbs moisture, keeps the color and shape well during washing. In addition, this fabric is environmentally friendly, hypoallergenic and completely safe for children’s health.

Polycotton (synthetics / cotton)

A fairly common material that is inexpensive. Its feature is the use of synthetic threads for the production. The percentage of cotton and synthetics in polycotton can be different. It’s best to choose a fabric with more cotton (from 60% and more). In this case, the linen will be wear-resistant, pleasant to the body, will keep the colors for a long time. All cotton fabrics are easy to care for. Many experts recommend giving preference to calico or satin, based on the price-quality ratio. These are soft fabrics that keep you cool in summer and retain heat perfectly in winter.

A choice of colors for children’s bedding

The color should be chosen depending on the age of the child:

From 0 to 3

The baby spends a lot of time in the crib, so you should not choose too bright colors. It is also not recommended to select multiple drawings. One large picture is enough to attract the attention of a child who will be able to notice it by getting acquainted with the new colors and shapes.

3 to 7

For children of this age, you can choose a color, depending on their favorite cartoon characters, games. So, for boys, there are characters from cartoons, cars, Superman, Spider-Man, etc., and for girls: princesses, fairies, pink ponies, etc.

From 7 to 12

For children in this age category, the coloring is not significantly different from the previous one, but, perhaps, the child will have new favorite characters. Therefore, before buying, it is better to ask your child what they like best.


When choosing bedding for a teenager, first of all, pay attention to his opinion. Teen bed linen should emphasize its individuality, because children of this age attach great importance to their independence. They can easily choose the colors of the bedding, the most important thing is that it meets their expectations.