Wood has been an extremely popular finishing material for many years. Its use, however, can be very problematic – keeping natural boards in good condition is not the easiest task. Do lovers of wooden floors or walls therefore have to give up their dream arrangements? Of course not! It is enough to reach for wood-like tiles – where to use such a material and what makes it worth using?

Why ceramics?

Natural wood is very difficult to maintain and is not suitable for all spaces. It can be damaged by factors such as, for example, humidity and temperature differences, and the necessary maintenance procedures, which often consume a lot of money, are also troublesome. All this means that hardly anyone decides to finish the floor or walls with real boards.

However, such problems do not apply to wood-like ceramics. It is durable, durable, resistant to mechanical damage – for example scratches, and moisture or changing temperature will not harm it. What’s more, keeping it in good shape is very simple and cheap. Cleaning gres tiles also does not cause major problems, so you can successfully use them even in places where they will be exposed to numerous dirt. As it turns out, it is an ideal solution for people who want to combine the aesthetic qualities of the boards with reliability and ease of maintenance.

Diverse patterns

Opponents of ceramics imitating wood often believe that it is not able to reflect the unique beauty of the natural raw material. They are also often afraid that it will introduce a cool atmosphere into the room. However, they have no reason to worry! The producers of gres tiles offer their customers many patterns – light and dark, as well as those that imitate exotic wood, stylish old boards, classic panels or the so-called herringbone. This type of ceramics imitates the natural raw material with the utmost accuracy and with the smallest details. Wood-like tiles – where to use? The answer to this question is therefore extremely simple – wherever it is desired to combine the beauty and warmth introduced by real boards with the functionality of gres tiles!

Wood-like tiles indoors

Due to the fact that ceramics imitating wood are both stylish and practical, their use in rooms can be very wide.
People who want to introduce a cozy atmosphere to the living room can choose wood-like tiles to cover the floor in this room. It is worth considering the use of an underfloor heating system with them – thanks to this, you can create an atmosphere of warmth and mood. Porcelain tiles imitating wood are also great in the bedroom – they will give it a unique character and make it a wonderful place to rest. It will be a good idea to use them in rooms decorated in a colonial, rustic or shabby chic style.

Universal wood-like tiles – where to use this material in other places in the house? Due to the fact that this type of ceramics is resistant to moisture and various types of dirt, it is worth placing it on walls and floors, also in kitchens and even in bathrooms. Natural wood does not work well in these rooms, but porcelain tiles imitating this material will be perfect. Easy to clean and durable, they will beautifully decorate any space. They are fantastic, for example, for kitchens and bathrooms decorated in a Scandinavian or Provencal style.

Wood-like ceramics on the outside

It is always worth remembering about the numerous advantages of wood-like tiles – where to use this material to fully enjoy them?

A great idea is to use ceramics outdoors. Fluctuating temperature and rainfall or snowfall will not harm it. Therefore, you can successfully cover a terrace or a balcony with wood-like tiles. When deciding on such a solution, it is worth choosing stoneware, frost-resistant and non-slip. In this way, you can reduce the risk of a dangerous fall on an icy surface, and thus increase the safety of users of the space. Ceramics imitating wood fits perfectly with green plants, its use on a terrace or balcony will almost always be a great idea and allows you to arrange a real kingdom of relaxation.

Gres tiles imitating natural boards are therefore an excellent response to the needs of people who want to enjoy the beauty of wood, and at the same time care about relatively low costs and ease of maintenance. The use of this material is extremely wide. The durability, strength and aesthetic values ​​of such ceramics make it perfect almost everywhere. Living room, kitchen, bathroom, office, terrace – answers to the question “wood-like tiles – where to use?” there can be a lot. So let’s take advantage of the numerous advantages of this type of gres and completely change the character of the selected space. The effects will surely be amazing!