Wooden houses – what should we know before placing them on them? Wooden houses are steadily gaining popularity, both in the world and in Poland. Although in and of themselves only a few decades ago they were replaced by brick construction, they are slowly returning to their concept, introducing them more and more often into their architectural projects. 

What do you need to know before actually making the decision? What types of wooden houses exist and which one is worth paying the most attention to? These are just some of the issues we will cover in this article.

Wooden houses – facts, advantages and disadvantages

Wooden houses seem to be something not complicated – at least this is how they are perceived in comparison with their brick counterparts. However, there is not much truth in this, because houses of this type require a lot of attention, precision and accuracy from builders. In themselves, they are created on the basis of so susceptible to fungi, molds and pests that they need to be properly protected, but also properly prepared. Below, we present a few facts, advantages and disadvantages that should be considered before even reaching for this type of construction:

  • Wooden houses are built very quickly – some even in 2-3 days! Therefore, they are the fastest way to be able to live on your own. We’ll talk more about preparation times when discussing the basic types.
  • Wooden houses do not have to be cheap – on the contrary, some may cost much more than their brick counterparts. It all depends on many factors – their size, type (prefabricated ones are the most expensive), but also the construction team whose services we choose.
  • Wooden houses create a special atmosphere in their interior that can be compared to that of the forest. This contributes to our health, well-being and a positive disposition.
  • A poorly made wooden house can cause us a lot of problems , mainly related to the material from which it was made. So let’s remember to take care of its proper quality in advance.
  • Houses of this type are very durable, but not as timeless as brick houses. This means that they are gradually degrading (although we are certainly not able to live it).

Types of wooden houses – which one is the best?

It’s worth saying right from the start that it is hard to call any of the three existing types of wooden houses better than the others. All of them offer a similar standard of finish, but also are characterized by high durability and longevity. In fact, it all depends on our individual taste and what budget we have for the purchase of this type of house and which method of its construction suits us best. It is worth knowing as much as possible about each of them in order to make the right and logical decision related to the choice of this particular one. Here are the types in question with a brief description of them:

  • frame houses – houses of this type are built on the basis of a wood frame (of course), which is a kind of frame for insulating filling, usually made of mineral wool. Houses of this type must have a facade – it is often made of boards, but you can also make them look like brick houses by applying a thin layer of plaster. It is also necessary to cover the walls from the inside, most often with plasterboards. Houses of this type are produced for at least a few weeks, with the frame itself taking the most time. They are sealed, long-lived and, above all, very cheap .
  • log houses – the absolute classic of wooden construction. Houses of this type have been produced for centuries, and today the layering technique is used. These houses take about three months to produce – they require the most attention, but are also very solid. There is also no need to decide on any facade inside and outside – the beams themselves can give these buildings an atmosphere that does not need to be improved in any way.
  • prefabricated elements – a breath of modernity. Wooden houses of this type are built in the factory (in whole or in part, with or without installation, carpentry and others), and then they are merely assembled on the construction site. As a result, their construction time does not exceed just a few days . These are houses whose construction is supervised by a computer – therefore you can count on their great quality, durability and longevity. However, there is one disadvantage – the price. They can cost a lot, especially if our project is very unconventional and requires specialist modifications or unusual woodwork.


Wooden houses are becoming more and more popular and they are more and more often chosen by people who decide to build their own “four walls”. There is a lot of logic to it – houses of this type are cheap, quick to erect (you can easily fit in one “season”) and convenient to use. However, when deciding on them, we need to know many things, including a little bit about the main types, especially in the context of the budget we have. One thing is for sure: this type of house is definitely worth your attention.